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What are the common problems in jig operation?


According to the working principle of the jig, the main factors involved in the operation include: the amount of ore feeding, the amount of feng shui, the amount of discharge and the numerical control device


1. Ore feeding amount: The setting of ore feeding amount of the jig is affected by many factors, such as: the performance of the equipment, the nature of the raw coal and the operating skill level of the driver, etc. If the ore feeding amount is too large, the bed is easy to "dead", which affects the stratification of materials according to density; on the contrary, if the ore feeding amount is too small, it is easy to cause the instability of the bed, reduce the production capacity of the jig machine, and may even cause the bed layer to appear. disorder and affect product quality. Usually, the ore feeding requirements of the jig are: continuous, uniform and stable.

2. Wind and water volume: Wind is the dominant factor in loosening the bed and is the power source for jigging coal preparation. If the air volume is too large, the bed will be chaotic, the loss of floating ore will be large, the moving speed of the bed will be fast, and the separation time will be shortened; Improper water consumption is also not suitable. When the water consumption is too much, the particle stratification is greatly affected by the particle size during the water flow decline period, and the fine tailings are not easily discharged through the screen. Due to the fast water speed, the sorting time is short, which affects the sorting effect. The amount of water is too small, the bed is too compact, there is no space for replacement between particles, the bed is up and down and the moving speed is slow, so that the sorting effect is poor and the production capacity is low. Of course, wind and water use are not completely independent but complement each other, which requires the driver to operate flexibly and flexibly according to specific conditions and experience in actual operation.

3. Discharge amount: the bed layer divided into layers according to the density should be discharged from the jig in a timely, continuous and reasonable manner. The discharge rate of heavy products should be compatible with the bed stratification rate and the horizontal movement rate of the gangue (or medium coal) bed. If the heavy products are not discharged in time and accumulate, it will pollute the clean coal and affect the quality of the clean coal; if the discharge is too fast, the bed will be too thin, or even empty, which will make the entire bed unstable, destroy the stratification, and increase the clean coal. loss.

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