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Maintenance of dry magnetic separator before installation


Dry magnetic separators are divided into three categories: drum magnetic separators, rotary cage dry magnetic separators, and ring dry magnetic separators. Among them, the drum type dry separator is the most commonly used magnetic separation equipment in the separation plant. Therefore, the maintenance of the dry type magnetic separator before installation will take the drum type dry separator as an example.


The cylinder type is generally divided into two types: single cylinder and double cylinder. The single-cylinder magnetic separator is composed of a driving device, a drum, a tank and other parts. The double-cylinder magnetic separator is composed of electro-vibration feeder, drum, material brush, ore separator, ore separator, frame and driving device. The installation method of various drum type dry separators is the same. Equipment acceptance, disassembly cleaning and adjustment should be carried out before hoisting. The adjustment contents include gear meshing of the driving part, bearing clearance, and the relative position of the drum and the tank body. The installation generally adopts the overall hoisting. The installation accuracy requirements are: the limit deviation of the center line of the equipment is ±3mm, and the limit deviation of the elevation is ±5mm; for installation in a row, the centerline straightness tolerance is 3mm, and the relative elevation difference is not more than 3mm.

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