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Precautions before running the ball mill


The ball mill is an indispensable equipment in the concentrator, and it is also a very critical equipment in the construction of the entire concentrator. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the stable operation of the ball mill. But before it is officially put into operation, the debugging of the ball mill is a very important step

The debugging of the ball mill should confirm whether the debugging conditions are met, run empty and under load, and check the status of all aspects of the equipment.


1. Check whether the ball mill meets the following debugging conditions

Whether the ball mill equipment is fully installed according to the drawings, and ensure that all parts of the equipment are in the correct position. It is required to have a record of the complete installation process and to pass the acceptance;

2. Inspection work before debugging of ball mill

The sector block and bearing bush of the lower bearing seat should be aligned with the center line; the large gear and the pinion should be aligned according to the instructions.

The sector block of the lower bearing seat, the bottom plate of the pinion, the bottom frame of the main gear and the bottom frame of the motor are completely grouted, and the grouting strength meets the design strength requirements.

All anchor bolts, connecting bolts and main gear pressing bolts should be tightened. The fixing bolts of the large gear should be tightened according to the specified torque.

The bearing bush should be installed on the fan-shaped block of the bearing seat according to the rotation direction of the ball mill; the bearing bush should be corrected according to the axial guide ring; the bearing seat seal is installed correctly, and the joint point is sealed with sealant.

All lubricating points of the ball mill are given sufficient amount according to the lubrication requirements; the lubricating oil station, bearing, reducer and motor are well lit.

3. Ball mill running empty

The motor should be allowed to run for 2 hours under the condition of no load of the ball mill first. During this period, make sure that the motor rotates in the correct direction and the accident button works normally and reliably to ensure safety.

If the motor runs normally when idling, the reducer should be idling for 2 hours.

4. Test run of ball mill with load

According to the proportion of the ball mill, a certain amount of steel balls are added to the barrel of the ball mill, and the steel balls are added in batches. During the operation, the bearing temperature, current, and vibration intensity of various places are measured. After the ball mill is installed, start running with load, add 70% of the specified load to the grinding material, and continue to run for more than 10 hours. During the process, the threaded joints of the ball mill lining should be tightened and the threaded connections should be checked frequently to prevent loosening.

When running with load, the ball mill should meet the following requirements: the vibration of each part does not exceed 0.1mm, the current of the motor has no abnormal fluctuation, the operation process is stable, the noise is small, the connecting bolts are tight, and the cylinder body is well sealed.

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