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Wolframite beneficiation process

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Material introduction

Wolframite is mostly quartz large-vein type or fine-vein type tungsten deposit, and the embedded grain size is relatively coarse, so it is easier to select and separate. For the selection of wolframite, it is mainly a combined beneficiation process based on gravity separation, which is divided into four stages: roughing separation, gravity separation, selection and fine mud treatment.

The tungsten ore beneficiation technology is especially suitable for wolframite ore with uneven particle size.


rough selection

The moving screen jig is applied to the first section of the coarse selection section and the fine-grained section. Then go straight to Featured Jobs.


Wolframite gravity separation usually adopts the gravity separation process of multi-stage jigging, multi-stage shaking table and medium ore regrinding. That is, the finely crushed qualified ore is classified by vibrating screen and then subjected to multi-stage jigging to produce jigging gravimetric coarse sand, coarse-grained jigging tailings enter the mill for regrinding, and fine-grained jigging tailings enter after passing through the classifier. Multi-stage shaking table sorting, the shaking table gravity separation coarse sand is produced, the shaking table tailings are discharged into the tailings pond, the ore in the shaking table is returned for regrinding and selection, and the gravity separation coarse sand of the jig and shaking table enters the selection operation.


In the selection and selection of wolframite, various selection processes of floating-weight combination or floating-gravity-magnetic combination are generally used, and the associated elements are recovered in the selection section. In the beneficiation operation, sulfide ore is generally removed by coarse and fine-grained table flotation (a beneficiation method combining flotation and shaking table) and flotation. The flotation wolframite is further produced by gravity separation to produce wolframite concentrate. If the wolframite concentrate contains scheelite and cassiterite, it will be selected by gravity flotation or gravity flotation magnetic separation (electric separation and other combined processes). Wolframite concentrate, scheelite concentrate and tin concentrate.

fine mud treatment

The general method of fine mud treatment is: first, desulfurization, and then according to the properties of the fine mud material, the tungsten minerals are recovered through separation processes such as gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, electrical separation, or a combined separation process of several processes. At the same time, the associated metal minerals are comprehensively utilized.


  • Advantage one

    1. Using a variety of processes, the recovery rate of concentrate is high and the profit is high.

  • Advantage two

    2. Small footprint, convenient operation and good quality ore particles.

  • Advantage three

    3. High utilization rate of tailings, energy saving and strong sealing.

  • Advantage four

    4. The production cost is low, and the material size range that can be handled is wide.

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