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Lead-zinc ore beneficiation process

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Material introduction

The copper-lead-zinc beneficiation process adopts the mixed flotation-concentrate regrinding process, which can reduce the grinding cost and is easy to manage.

The mixed flotation-concentrate regrinding process is generally suitable for copper-lead-zinc sulfide ore with close symbiotic relationship, not easy to dissociate, and uneven particle size.


The beneficiation process is novel and the operating cost is lower

The copper-lead mixed concentrate regrinding process does not need to grind all the raw ore finely, which saves the grinding cost. At the same time, the concentrate regrinding further dissociates the copper and lead concentrates, and has a good drug removal effect, which is a copper-lead concentrate. separation creates favorable conditions.

Strengthen the flotation process to improve the grade of copper concentrate

Strictly implement the chemical system in the rough selection section, control the dosage of the chemical, achieve "early harvest as soon as possible", reduce multiple cycles and inaction losses; make full use of the secondary enrichment effect of foam, and through appropriate water-free, The concentrate foam is washed to reduce impurities in the foam and achieve the purpose of strengthening flotation.

Copper-lead mixed flotation separation

In the flotation stage, the copper-lead mixed concentrate is preferentially separated. After regrinding, the lead concentrate and the copper concentrate are separated by flotation, and the two concentrates are dehydrated separately.

Zinc flotation separation

The tailings of copper-lead mixed flotation are subjected to zinc concentrate flotation after stirring and slurrying, and the obtained concentrate product is a zinc concentrate product after dehydration treatment.


  • Advantage one

    1. According to the ore composition, you can freely choose the matching model.

  • Advantage two

    2. The whole system reduces energy consumption and improves recovery rate.

  • Advantage three

    3. Small footprint, convenient operation and higher beneficiation efficiency.

  • Advantage four

    4. The discharge material can reach the standard concentrate index, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

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