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Gold mine CIP process (carbon slurry method)

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Material introduction

Gold mine CIP process is a non-filtered cyanide carbon pulp extraction process that uses activated carbon to directly absorb and recover gold from cyanide pulp, including preparation of leaching pulp, cyanide leaching, activated carbon adsorption, gold-loaded carbon desorption, and electrolysis to obtain gold mud , de-gold carbon recycling, leaching pulp treatment and other seven operating stages.


There are two main types of ores suitable for gold beneficiation production lines: one is flotation gold concentrate or amalgamation, gravity separation tailings, and the other is argillaceous oxide ore.

Slurry removal

The cyanide pulp should be treated with impurities such as sawdust before adsorption, so as to prevent the gold and activated carbon in the pulp from being absorbed by the sawdust and mixed into the rich carbon, and at the same time prevent the wood chips from clogging the carbon screen.

Leaching and Adsorption

Activated carbon is added to the leaching tank, and the activated carbon adsorbs the gold in the pulp to become gold-loaded carbon. After the adsorption is completed, the activated carbon and the pulp are separated by a carbon extraction screen.

High-efficiency and low-consumption fast desorption electrolysis system

In a closed system, gold-loaded carbon can be rapidly desorbed and electrolyzed into gold mud and lean carbon under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

• High efficiency: when the gold-loaded carbon quality reaches 3000g/t, the desorption rate can reach more than 96%, and the lean carbon quality can be reduced by 50%-75% compared with conventional desorption electrolysis devices

• Fast: the desorption electrolysis temperature can be as high as 150℃ (generally 30-55℃ higher than other models), and the system working pressure is as high as 0.5Mpa (generally 0.2-0.5Mpa higher than other models), so the desorption electrolysis time is very fast, generally 12 hours, shortened by 50%-75%.

• Low power consumption: The desorption and electrolysis temperature is the same, no heat exchange is required, and the total power consumption is 1/2-1/4 of the conventional system due to the fast operation

• No cyanide: no need to add sodium hydride in the desorption solution, low cost and less pollution

• Grade: high taste of gold mud, no need for reverse electrolysis, easy to extract from gold mud

• Automatic control: specially set up liquid level control system, temperature control system and automatic control system

• Safety: with triple safety protection measures, namely the system's own intelligence, automatic pressure-limiting pressure release mechanism, safety valve


The obtained gold mud can be directly smelted into gold ingots after simple pickling and impurity removal.


  • Advantage one

    1. The desorption rate can reach more than 96%, and the low carbon grade can be reduced by 50%-75% compared with the conventional desorption electrolysis device.

  • Advantage two

    2. The desorption and electrolysis time is very fast.

  • Advantage three

    3. No heat exchange, low power consumption.

  • Advantage four

    4. Low cost, less pollution, high taste of gold mud and easy extraction.

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