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Dry tailings discharge process

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Material introduction

The tailings slurry is subjected to multi-stage dewatering by various dewatering equipment to form a process method with low moisture content, easy precipitation and solidification, and dry storage of slag. The dry tailings discharge process relieves the pressure on the storage capacity of the tailings pond, reduces the potential safety hazards of the tailings pond, and also increases the means of tailings reuse.

The tailings dry discharge system is mainly used for the concentration and dehydration process of the tailings in the concentrator to achieve the purpose of dry stacking of the tailings, thereby avoiding environmental pollution. It is a necessary process for the implementation of green mines.


Dry tailings discharge process

The tailings slurry is pumped to the hydrocyclone for concentration and classification, in which the settled sand enters the high-efficiency high-frequency dewatering screen for dehydration treatment, and the overflow enters the high-efficiency reformed thickener for concentration. The coarse-grained tailings treated by the dewatering screen are directly sent to the stockyard for storage by the conveyor. The tailings treated by the thickener enter the filter press for dehydration, and the filter cake is automatically unloaded to the transporter and sent to the stockyard for storage.

Dry tailings discharge equipment (1)

The tailings dry discharge equipment is mainly composed of a hydrocyclone, a high-efficiency thickener, a high-frequency dewatering screen, and a box-type filter press.

The concentration and dehydration type hydrocyclone is provided with a siphon device in the upper part and a fish tail device in the lower part. By adjusting the siphon device, the size of the underflow concentration can be adjusted, which can generally be adjusted to about 75%, so that the concentration required by the tailings dry discharge process can be adjusted. Subsequent equipment investment such as machines has been greatly reduced;

The high-efficiency deep-cone and multi-cone thickener is equipped with inclined plates, which increases the sedimentation area of the thickener, increases the sedimentation area of the thickener by more than 8 times, and improves the underflow concentration and processing capacity.

Dry tailings discharge equipment (2)

The high-frequency and high-efficiency dewatering screen adopts a unique sieve plate structure, and the multi-frequency vibration of the motor not only makes the pulp particles difficult to pass through the screen holes, but also has a higher dewatering efficiency;

There are two types of box-type filter presses: box-type filter presses and plate-and-frame filter presses. They use high pressure and strong dehydration, and the moisture content of the dry slag after filtration is below 8%.

Advantages of dry tailings discharge process

The tailings dewatering effect is good: three kinds of high-efficiency dewatering equipment are used for dewatering in sequence: concentrated hydrocyclone + high-efficiency deep cone thickener + high-efficiency multi-frequency dewatering screen, so that the final moisture content is lower than 20% and dry discharge is realized.

Low process operation cost: The unique equipment combination of the tailings dry discharge process makes the equipment investment and civil construction investment small, and the dewatering equipment has good dewatering effect, low energy consumption, greatly extended service life, and further reduces operating costs.

Long service life: The equipment used in the tailings dry discharge process is lined with wear-resistant rubber, and the wear resistance index can reach 128%. The life of the entire production line is twice that of ordinary equipment production lines, which greatly reduces manual maintenance and reduces operating costs by at least 2 yuan/ton.


  • Advantage one

    1. According to the ore composition, you can freely choose the matching model.

  • Advantage two

    2. The whole system reduces energy consumption and improves recovery rate.

  • Advantage three

    3. Small footprint, convenient operation and higher beneficiation efficiency.

  • Advantage four

    4. The discharge material can reach the standard concentrate index, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

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