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Tanzania Gold Mine Concentrator Project Installation Completed


Recently, the Tanzania Gold Mine Concentrator Project undertaken by Henan Shunzhi has completed installation and commissioning and has been put into operation.


The Tanzania Gold Concentrator Project, located in Africa, is different from China in terms of project management, construction technology, resource supply, and work coordination. The core work of the project is mainly for thickening, leaching, desorption and electrolysis, etc. The main installation and commissioning work mainly includes three aspects:

1. Installation of mechanical equipment such as thickening, leaching, desorption and electrolysis;

2. Installation of process pipelines and operating platforms (excluding outdoor tailings pipelines);

3. Electricity, water supply and drainage (water supply without water source)

beneficiation process

The core process of the project is gold extraction by cyanidation of all mud, and the ores are mainly sulfide ore and oxide ore.

The grade of oxidized ore is 2.4g/t, gold is the only valuable element that can be recovered, and the gold leaching rate of the all-slime cyanidation gold extraction scheme is 93.75%;

The gold content of the sulfide ore is 10.7g/t, and gold is the only valuable element that can be recovered.

In the desorption system, anions that are easily adsorbed by activated carbon are added to replace Au(CN)2- to realize the desorption of gold. The precious liquid obtained by desorption of gold-loaded carbon is recovered by ionization method to obtain solid gold.

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