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Philippine iron ore beneficiation project put into production


Henan Shunzhi has undertaken the iron ore project in the Philippines, and has successfully designed a perfect production line for the customer after design, and it has now been put into production.


The ore contains 0.15% copper, 5.59% sulfur and 43.47% iron. The relationship between sulfur and iron is very close, and the embedded particle size is relatively fine. It is a polymetallic refractory beneficiation. The main metal minerals in the mine are chalcopyrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, etc. The main gangue minerals are quartz, chlorite, calcite, mica and some clay minerals. The main difficulty of this ore is that the sulfide minerals of iron and the oxide minerals are very closely related, and it is difficult to dissociate monomers. According to the characteristics of this ore, the process plan of "stage grinding stage weak magnetic separation to obtain iron coarse concentrate, iron coarse concentrate flotation desulfurization" is adopted, and the iron content of 68.93%, the sulfur content of 0.82%, and the iron recovery rate of 69.32% can be obtained. % iron concentrate; at the same time, a sulfur concentrate with a sulfur content of 33.69% is obtained; the copper concentrate with a copper content of 13.03% can be obtained by comprehensively recovering copper from the tailings of magnetic separation.

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