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Myanmar copper and iron ore processing plant design


According to the data provided by the customer, Henan Shunzhi Machinery provided it with copper-iron ore research and processing plant design services.


The remarkable feature of copper minerals in this ore is that when the grinding particle size is too fine, the floatability of copper minerals becomes poor, which seriously affects the recovery, but when the particle size is insufficient, the dissociation degree of copper minerals is very poor, which significantly affects the concentrate. At the same time, the effect of copper and sulfur separation will directly affect the quality of iron concentrate products. In view of this, the overall process design of the project adopts two stages of one closed-circuit crushing, one stage of closed-circuit grinding for two classifications, rapid flotation to recover coarse-grained copper minerals, copper flotation to recover fine-grained copper minerals with one coarsening, three sweeping and four refining, Sweeping and separating tailings produces sulfur products, and copper flotation tailings are subjected to two-stage magnetic separation to obtain magnetite concentrate products.

Among them, the crushing selects a two-stage-one closed-circuit crushing process. The first stage of coarse crushing is designed at the mouth of the pit, and the crushing particle size is less than 150mm for fine crushing and screening in the concentrator, and the final crushing particle size is -12mm. Grinding and classification adopts a two-stage classification process of one-stage grinding and combined classification with a cyclone. The first-stage classifier overflows into the flash flotation operation. The flash flotation concentrate is free-floating copper concentrate, and the flash flotation The tailings enter the pump box and are transported by the pump to the second stage for classification. The cyclone sediment returns to the ball mill to form closed-circuit grinding, and the cyclone overflows into the flotation operation.

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